Custom Content

Here is the custom content I use.

Category A: Terrain Mods

BrisVegas (Brisbane) map by drunkapple
Erosion Control Mod Set by moganite
PEG Water Mod Brigantine by pegasus

Category B1: Transportation Mods

Network Addon Mod by NAM Team
Street Addon Mod by jplumbley
Rural Highway Mod by NAM Team
BRF Tunnel and Slope Mod by Frankie_Grove
Street Cul-de-Sac Mod by Qurlix
Hole Digging Lots by smoncrie
Modification of Edmonton's Region View Mod by CSGdesign

Category B2: Transportation Buildings
GLR Stations and Hubs by cogeo
SemiTransparent Train Stations by cogeo
Basic Ferry Pontoon by CSGdesign
Road Top Mass Transit by cogeo
Rural Train Station Pack by cogeo

Category C1: Commercial Growables

Low wealth commercial shops volume 1 by madhatter106

Category D1: Utilities - Power

Nexis Emergency Diesel Power by mrbisonm
PEG Geothermal Power Plant by pegasus
Small Solar Power Station  by ixnayonthetimmay
SFBT Rural Power Supply by Andreas Roth

Category D3: Utilities - Waste
PEG CDK3 Garbage Docks by pegasus 

Category E2: Industrial Ploppables
PEG CDK3 Capt Jacks Landing by pegasus

Category F: Aesthetic Ploppables
Bosham Church by mntoes

Category G: Agricultural Enhancements
Ir Placement Mod by fukuda
Rural Variety Pack by ihaka

Category H3: Civic Buildings - Educational
Small Community School House by CSGdesign

Category X: Gameplay mods
No fires or riots mod by bones1 (Note: I use this when rural areas are small and take it away for bigger cities)