Saturday, December 18, 2010

Entry 29: Pitchforks and Pyromania

When Bill Featherstone discovered the secret port he rushed back as quickly as he could to his home in Anorien. When he got home, he rested for four days (whilst helping out on the farm) before setting off for the village of St. Raphael.

When he got there he found a crowd of people that was hanging around the gates of the church with nothing better to do.

`Oi, listen up every body!'

` `ere it's that ole Bill Featherstone. Wonder what `e up to?'

` Prolly `arpin on about his latest guide book o' `is. Loik anyone wants to go trampin' about in them forests getting sat upon by drop bears.'

General laughter from the rough crowd ensued.

`Now, don' you go laffin' at me. Oi've got sum terrible noos.'

` O, my my, terrible noos, that does sound bad.'

More laughter.

`You don' understand. There's a port up north. An' factries an' e'rythin'. Way up pas' Enbourne.'

`Up pas' Enbourne? I tell ya there's nowt up there but a load a trees.'

`Seriously. `m tellin' ya.'

`Roight Bob. `E sounds like he's serious. It's toime to get your `ome made explosives out. It looks loik we've got some work to do.'

And so they did. 

What would happen to the industries, now that the pitchfork crowd had gained control?