Monday, September 20, 2010

Entry 24: Bringing home the Bacon

The villagers of Revis Island and Revisham, with their organised grid system, were by far the most successful farmers in the whole region. Their produce was shipped to the mainland as well as being consumed nearer to home.

The villagers were pleased with their productivity but wanted a better way to showcase and sell their wares. Jim Snouter, one of the local pig farmers, in particular wanted to display joints of ham alongside his neighbour's turnips, hoping to attract new customers who could have the convenience of purchasing different types of food in one place - albeit from different vendors.

A site was chosen between the villages, allowing relatively easy access for each farmer. Next to the market, opportunistic businesses sprung up. A garage to repair the tractors and a Battery Hut to provide, ostensibly, batteries. Actually the Battery Hut just a cover for a gambling syndicate. Why they need a cover is up for debate. It's not like there are laws prohibiting gambling or police to enforce them.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Entry 23: To the manor born


`JEEVES! Jeeves. Where are you?'
`I'm here Lord Martlebury.'
`Jolly good. Get me a Revis Island Iced Tea please.'
`Certainly, my lord.'
`You know Jeeves, it really isn't boffo that I'm the only rich person in the region.'
`If you say so, my lord.'
`I jolly well do. It's so hard being surrounded by the common people.'
`I think I'll just give your drink an extra something, my lord.'
`If you must. That's the problem of owning this business. It makes me a lot of money but there's no one to share it with. I do miss society.'
`You could share it with your neighbours, my lord.'
`What an absurd suggestion Jeeves. We already make sure the grass around our properity is wonderfully fertilised. Even by the dusty streets. What more do they want? Paved streets for those awful bright blue cars that they drive?'
'Here you are my lord.'
'GAK! What did you put in it Jeeves?'
'Just a little extra somehing. Drink up, my Lord.'


Entry 22: Mine your own business


Want to know the solution to the problem of the mystery resources? Of course you do! Unbeknownst to most people but known to Mr Magnusson, a mining operation had been set up far to the north west of Dartacre. In fact, the mine was nestled in the mountains near a large lake. In 1920, a mining company, without any permissions from the fledgling and almost powerless authorities, set up its operations.

Renee and Edith Despard, who were keen bridge players, found coal and other precious resources in the hills.


They were able to set up a mining operation to extract the minerals. However, in order to work successfully they needed workers. They were a long way away from any settlements and so had to provide the housing for the workers.


Faraway was initially a small town but it grew as rapidly as the extractions from the mine. In 5 years, this small settlement far beyond Lake Despard (as it was now called) had grown in to a populous, but rather dusty, smelly and boring town.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Entry 22 on hold

I'm away from my computer and I'm having trouble uploading images. In the mean time you'll have to look at my CSGf or SC4D entries since they'll work there.