Sunday, February 28, 2010

Introduction now online

The introductory page is now online. I'll expand it at some point in the future, but it contains all the necessary information for now. I'll also make a Custom content page and an Oak River page.


  1. Very, very cool.

    Another thesis site - and a new style of play.

    I'm curious to see how Synoecism works exactly - it seems similar to Self-Funded Growth except that it involves many small nuclei rather than a single central location.

    Very interesting - pics will be great.
    Does it have a role-playing element or is it strictly deity-controlled growth?

    I've added your link to my blogsite - it'd help both of our sites if you linked to mine as well... google loves site networks.

    Really looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Are you still going to have time to write custom content reviews on CSGdescussions?

  2. Wow. I wasn't expecting any visitors. Certainly not in the first weeks anyway.

    I'll start linking straight away.

    Yes, there are several small nuclei. There was an initial settlement, named Oak River which split off into other villages. The interesting part of this is that Oak River may or may not end up becoming the heart of the main hub.

    The region is huge and at some point in the not to distant future I'll start a couple of other hubs (each with a number of small nuclei) and which of these hubs will grow in to the biggest city in the region?

    I feel that the style of play is still primarily natural growth, rather than self-funded, so I guess I need to reword that intro. There is a roleplay element. Everything is done by considering what would happen naturally. There is not so much deity control. There has to be some, I feel, however. For example, a collection of small villages might be self sustaining for hundreds of years and they may experience no growth whatsoever. This is natural, but not that interesting for me so I might have someone discover some ore to kick start the growth which would then follow naturally.

    So, the style is not pure natural growth, but it approaches it often and everything is roleplayed. I dislike grid cities, but one will pop up somewhere - the map is vast enough, after all - but I need a very good roleplaying reason to do so.

    I'll still be able to write reviews for you. I've already done some scouting of some industrial mods.

  3. Hi there, it's nice to see another SC4 blog, especially partly inspired by the natural growth concept. I guess Synoecism and Natural growth as described by CSGdesign are overlapping systems of play.

    Just like both of you I like to have a roleplaying reason for development, this looks like it will be very interesting to follow.

    For my own region I'm also planning on having several villages and towns that may or may not grow out to larger agglomerations, without planing on a single major town in advance, I'll just go bit by bit and see what happens. I guess there will be a bit of both synoecism and natural growth in my region.

    I'm very curious to see what will happen here, I'll make sure to check regularly :)

  4. Hi Gorbag,

    there's another reader around. As you and Shilka I'am setting up a new region to experiment with natural growth inspired styles of gameplay. But I'am a few steps behind you. I just choose a region. At the moment I'am experimenting with different wordpress themes for the presentation. Due to heavy workload and holidays I will be starting my site in april.

    I'am very interested in your region and your concept of the nuclei. I think you will find some variant of that concept in my region. Each nucleus will be developed in a natural growth style of play.

    I'll return regularly!

  5. Shilka and n_wilson, good to hear from you both and welcome to then site.

    Shilka - yes, natural growth and synoecism do overlap somewhat, but there are differences. I'm not sure how this'll turn out. I'm not planning too much.

    n_wilson - I'm also busy with work. I've got a conference presentation coming up this week so don't expect major things to happen until Saturday.

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