Thursday, September 9, 2010

Entry 23: To the manor born


`JEEVES! Jeeves. Where are you?'
`I'm here Lord Martlebury.'
`Jolly good. Get me a Revis Island Iced Tea please.'
`Certainly, my lord.'
`You know Jeeves, it really isn't boffo that I'm the only rich person in the region.'
`If you say so, my lord.'
`I jolly well do. It's so hard being surrounded by the common people.'
`I think I'll just give your drink an extra something, my lord.'
`If you must. That's the problem of owning this business. It makes me a lot of money but there's no one to share it with. I do miss society.'
`You could share it with your neighbours, my lord.'
`What an absurd suggestion Jeeves. We already make sure the grass around our properity is wonderfully fertilised. Even by the dusty streets. What more do they want? Paved streets for those awful bright blue cars that they drive?'
'Here you are my lord.'
'GAK! What did you put in it Jeeves?'
'Just a little extra somehing. Drink up, my Lord.'



  1. I like your style of writing. It always makes me smile. Wonder where this leads to.

    Have you ever thought about brushing over your villages with the god-mode tree brush? That would make the cities look softer. Works wonders.

  2. What's a god-mode tree brush? How can I enter god-mode after play has commenced?

  3. That is easy: press shift-ctrl-alt and click on the god-mode icon. Violá welcome the tree brush (and the terraforming tools).

    The god-mode tree brush is so much better than the mayor-mode tool as it plants grown up trees in a natural looking variety. Just brush over your city and you get a pleasing smooth effect.