Sunday, November 7, 2010

Entry 27: A Walk in the Woods

This is Bill Featherstone. He's the Oak River region's premier hiker and cartographer.

He's been travelling the region for years, charted hills and dales, mountains and valleys. He's sailed to islands to view lonely beaches and converse with stranded whales.

Let's join him on his latest journey, heading north from the village of Cakebread, the edge of known civilisation.

He starts out from the farm tended by his son, Geoff.

He travels through distant forests.

He hikes by ponds and steams.

He boldly goes where no man has gone before. Except they have... What's this road doing here?

Bill followed the road and found a bustling port. This is the port that the mine and the lumber yard truck all of their goods to, before shipping it overseas.

There was only one thing left for Bill to do. He had to get back to Oak River and inform everyone else.


  1. Hey Gorbs,

    is that you in the picture? The person looks a lot like a friend of mine.

    Sorry for my being absent in the last months. I have really much to do in RL. I will probably not be able to join the community again before february or march 2011.

    But I will have look here now and then.


  2. Hi Nikolaus,

    No, that's not me. That's a friend of mine. I understand about RL. It'll be great to see you back around.