Friday, April 23, 2010

Entry 14: We don't need no education

And so it was, that due to the will of the people, that the spare tax money was spent on setting up schools. Unfortunately, schools could not be set up everywhere. Whilst cash was plentiful, teachers were not. Luckily for everyone there were some members of society who had received some schooling before coming across the ocean. They were now in their early 50s. They were selected to be the teachers for the time being.

The council found a map of the Township. They only have enough teachers for two small schools. They decided to place them in Westfield (in the NW) and North Oak River (NE) since they had the highest concentration of houses.

They selected sites and the built the schools. The first bewildered pupils started learning the alphabet soon after. At night the schools were open as adult education centres, further enhancing the overall education of the community as well as being used to train more teachers. The picture below is of Westfield Primary School.


  1. Mr. Cllr,

    I, Brian O'Dowell, the blacksmith, shtrongly oppose to that after worc study conzept. We, the citizens of this wildt country, work 80 hours a week only to keep us alive. And you say I go skool. I say dammit. I can no go skool, I have to worck. But I apprezi apre like my children can go skool.


    PS.: I lol-ed at the minutes of the general meeting. Great idea to include us all.

  2. hahaha, excellent update, and very original and entertaining :) Very nice natural scattering of zones there in the zone view!

  3. Mr O'Dowell. No one is forcing you to go to school. It's only if you want to be educated.

    N: Thanks. :)

    Shilka: It was a simpler update that I had imagined.