Saturday, May 15, 2010

Entry 16: Will you start the taps, please.

Despite being separated politically into Townships, the individual villages still had some degree of autonomy.

Early in 1921, local councillors in Dartacre were pondering fire protection. Up until now, residents put out fires using bucket chains from the river. As the village grew, the fire risk became greater and so the local council decided to think about investing in a fire service. Unfortunately they discovered that fighting fires would be impossible without water.

They discussed all this with the other villages within the townships, but the cost was too much for the others. As a larger settlement however, Dartacre was able to raise the extra revenue to build a water distribution service that would only encompass itself.

Dartacre's groundwater was heavily polluted however from agricultural chemicals and so they had to build the pumping station out of town.

The local residents of this unaffiliated neighbourhood did not mind since the got a free water supply in turn.


  1. Nice to see you named a village "Flussweg". Must be some immigants from Germany in this part of the region. (For all non-german-speaker: Fluß means river and Weg means path/track/way.)

    Interesting to see a picture of Dartacre. It is a very wide-spread village with lots of room and farms within. Natural looking. One can see that the ppl of your region have the room to settle and use it. I am curious if finally the pressure of immigants will lead to regulations prohibiting splinter development or if this will be accepted as a right of the ppl to build on their own land.

  2. I don't know. I'm roleplaying as much as possible. At the moment the region is still really empty, and the huge growth is all down to immigration.

    There's no real government, except in the townships, but the line may have to be drawn somewhere.

  3. I love the logic you've applied here.
    The elevation in your terrain looks very terraced in the pics, is that just the pics making it look that way, or is it the original map causing that?
    Lovely natural looking development patterns!

  4. I don't know about the terracing. The map doesn't feel terraced, but that's how it looks on the game map. I think it's something to do with the way I imported the map.