Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Entry 17: What a load of rubbish

Every Sunday morning, faithful citizens in the Oak River region meet at the Church of St. Raphael. Every Sunday morning they read the hymns and readings from printed sheets of paper and every Sunday morning they throw the pieces of paper in the bin. Apparently, the doctrine of stewardship hasn't quite made it to this church.

Unfortunately, there was no-one to empty the bins and so the local area became strewn with litter and what was once a desirable place to live became infested with rats, ants, cockroaches and other unwelcome neighbours.

Since this was not the only place in the area to have rubbish problems the council decided to do something about it. The council members were not very imaginative however and decided that the best solution would be to move it away from civilization. The only suitable place was in an area of `The Hand ', a region shaped a bit like a pointing hand. A landfill was constructed and soon started to fill up.

This was clearly only a temporary measure, so the council better start thinking of new ways to deal with the unwanted side-affects of daily life.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the small update. I like to stay informed about the development of your region.

    Trash is one of the interesting parts of SimCity, I think. Reason is, it just does not go away.

    How to cope with it is a challanging question. Just putting in incinerators is too easy a solution for my taste. I like the garbage zones especially at the beginning of a game.

    You choose a realistic solution: put the trash out of the way, around the corner, behind the woods. -thumbs-up-