Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Entry 28: School's In

This is Broadoak. Broadoak was founded in the year 1914. It has grown a lot in that time. Today, it is a small riverside farming community.

This is Broadoak's school. It was built a year after the founding of the village to keep the young 'uns occupied during the day. Unfortunately, it has only one classroom and can no longer support the educational needs of the village. Not only are there more students to teach, they are starting to need more than primary education.


It was decided that a new, larger school be built to accommodate the needs of the village. This school had to be much larger than the original one. Given the build time, it was decided that the new school should be on a different site to the old one, so that the students could continue being taught while the building was taking place. A site was chosen on a radial road near the centre of the village.

First, the area was cleared of trees.

After that, the ground was levelled so construction could begin.

 The school was made simply, being just a wooden framed building featuring a few classrooms. The build still took a few months to complete however.

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