Friday, October 1, 2010

Entry 25: Grinding Axes

It was not just the settlers of the Oak River region that were interested in the land. Various big foreign businesses, and business minded individuals (who were also inclined to be big) had heard of the promise of the land. There were jewels to be had, great big pearls and lumps of gold just sitting by the road. This may or may not be true, but what was certainly true was the fact that there are a lot of trees. And trees mean lumber. And lumber means big profits.

So it was that Woody Woodson set up his logging company. The original inhabitants of Oak River were not even aware of the operation.

He built a small docks, and houses for his workers. The docks were temporary and to be used for immediate dispatch. The plan was to set up a road to the main coast and build a substantial docks there, but this would take time.

The machinery was moved in. Men stood around looking busy and occasionally chopped down trees.

They utilised the steam donkey technology, though they had planned on trying to get or invent better technologies.

The massive swathes of oak that covered the region were not of great interest to Woody. He was after the pines and other rare trees because that wood was selling for great profit.

The question is would Woody Woodson's wood company grow to great heights or would it be felled in its prime?


  1. It's good to see you updating again Gorbag.
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  2. I guess that really must be a $0 llama :o