Sunday, March 7, 2010

Entry 5: Laying the black stuff

Date: 7th November 1905 Population: 627

The residents of the Oak River region wanted to know much more about their surroundings. More than the fact that they were surrounded by dense forest anyway. A few intrepid cartographers and explorers set off to map and explore (surprise surprise) the surrounding area. About 1 mile west of Westfield they discovered a river, which they named Dart River.

By the banks of the river they discovered some natural deposits of a strange substance. This substance turned out to be asphaltum. This substance was tested in the construction of a number of things, such as plates and ovens.

An asphalt plant was set up to facilitate this.

Most of the tests were spectacular failures. It was Christopher Riddles who discovered it could be used to form a hard surface that could be put on the ground. Soon the asphalt industry took off and the dirt tracks around Oak River were beginning to be replaced with asphalt.

As well as asphalt other substance were found in the region namely various metal ores. Supporting industries began to spring up, the most noticeable was the metalworks. Not only did they make metals for the industry, but their first job was acting as a mint and making new shiny metal discs that could be used in trade.


  1. Hurray at industrialization!

    These events should be able to provide a nice boost for employment in your region. I like how you're adding the ingredients for a growing civilization one by one, makes for a good read.

  2. Indeed it has. This city tile is growing much quicker than the initial tile.