Monday, March 1, 2010

Oak River page online

The Oak River page is now online. It's basically just going to be a updated statistics and map page for the region. If there is anything that you would like included on the page then please let me know.


  1. That is actually a pretty cool idea.
    Perhaps in the future you could also add a picture of the regions road network.

    And perhaps a stats breakdown of each city, although that might be a bit too extensive list in your case...perhaps a top 10 of most developed city tiles then :P

  2. Shilka: Thanks for the idea. I'll definitely add a transport map, though I'll probably wait until the 1910 update. The street layout isn't that exciting yet.

    A stats breakdown of every city would be too much. I can certainly do top 10 cities, but it'll harder without the census.

  3. Why is it only saying 1 comment?

  4. Sometimes it takes a while for the comment count to update.