Saturday, March 6, 2010

Entry 4: The Church of St. Raphael

Date: 25th December 1904 Population: 278

The settlements of Oak River, Westfield and Sudbury had been existing in peaceful solitude for a short time. The young colony received attention from the churches in another part of SimGlobe. A handful of missionaries were sent out to spread the good news in the region.

The missionaries landed at Oak River and got to know the population. The searched for a good site for a church and they settled for a spot upstream of the village of Oak River, right next to the river itself. In early 1904 the church was built. A dedication service was held and the church was named St. Raphael

The site chosen was an easy cart ride away from the three villages. Over time tracks appeared where vegetation was trodden as the residents trekked to the service every Sunday morning.

Around the church and the tracks the village of St. Raphael sprung up. These housed the missionaries as well as a few people providing services for the community and the church goers.


  1. Another settlement seed planted :)
    I should get on with planting some seeds myself too, but it has been a pretty busy week for me...

  2. In a book about city design I'm reading it talked about religious buildings affecting development and I wanted to include some of that here.

  3. That's pretty cool that you're actually doing some 'research' on city building, should be a good source of inspiration, and help realism.
    All the more reason to be following this blog ;)