Saturday, March 6, 2010

Entries now catalogued

The entries have now been catalogued on the Oak River page. They can be found at the bottom.


  1. I realy like this idea of having an updated status page of your region like this.
    Did you find a way of getting your region census to work any better btw?

  2. Not as yet. I had a big conference to prepare for. I'm planning on looking into it when I update my region map in GY 1910.

  3. I sure hope the huge size of your region doesn't cause any major problems in the future.
    Have you ever considered just halving the scale of your greyscale map, so you can start with the same region, but at 1/4 of it's current dimensions?
    At the size it is now it is really is a huge area to fill, prob will take like a decade or more, and it would be such a shame if it would just stop working at a certain point. I'm aware a lot of your work would be lost if you'd start over now, but I guess it would be better to consider it now then after a year of building.

    Now I must admit I have seen little info on the forums about the functionality of a huge region like this, and I also don't know what kind of hardware you're working on. So don't take this as advice, I have no idea if a region like yours will be giving you trouble in SC4, I'm just wondering what your thoughts are about it.

  4. Well, my computer is only 6 months old and was the latest in processing oomph at the time. It's not cluttered with a lot of stuff at the moment, either, so it should be fine. I've considered loading the city files into a new map, but I'd need a 10 by 10 map or something.

  5. Your hardware sure sounds ok, especially considering I'm on a 4 year old pc myself.
    I know theres a few region and config.bmp editors out there, but I haven't checked on those myself. Might be worth checking out though.