Thursday, March 11, 2010

Entry 7: Taking to the waves

Date: 28th January 1912. Population 4,501

The communities of Sarah's Cove and Wigglemouth took to the water like, well, ducks to water. They soon developed a network of passenger pontoons. These pontoons were incredibly cheap to run, only costing $3 a month. A number of residents use them to get to work, even at Capt Jacks Landing.

The picture above is south facing.

There were two ferry routes. One that traversed the coast line and visited all the pontoons and another that travelled between East Cove, West Cove and Wigglemouth as can be seen on this network diagram.


  1. That sure is a cheap transport system... Do you have to row the ferry yourself as a passenger? :P

    I see you're using the day and night cycle in your game, I should give that a try too, makes for nice screenshots...

  2. I only use it because it's the default. It's strange that day and night never match the times in the game.

    The ferry company is private and has its own costs. It's just the maintenance of the pontoons that cost the council.

  3. k,that makes sense heh.
    btw. I like how you added the diagram, I always enjoy a bit of non-screenshots as added bonusses, especially maps and schematics ;)