Saturday, March 20, 2010

Entry 10: Clearing up

After two years of solid work chopping down trees the villagers of Westfield, Middleton and Sudbury had made some progress. Some, but not much. They had only cleared about half the area that they were hoping to clear. They needed a new strategy. Actually, what they needed were some new tools and machinery to do the job.

In the mean time they decided that they must prepare what land they had already cleared for agriculture. That was the idea behind the clearing after all. First of all they had to get rid of all of the felled trees lying around.

Their first move was to set up a makeshift lumber yard to deal with all of the logs.

Once that was built and the logs cleared then finally farmers were able to start to move into the area.


  1. It seems like the inhabitants can't keep up with the rate the region wants to develop. I'm curious what will help speed things up...the invention of the quadrouple chainsaw perhaps? :P

  2. No, but something else much better than that. Coming up soon...

  3. oooh, the suspense is killing me X)