Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Entry 9: It's good shipping goods

Industries in the Dart River area were having to transport their goods a long way before being shipped. The route ran through Oak River and along the coastal road to Sarah's Cove some 12km trip by road for just a 4km distance in a straight line. Additionally, a 1km stretch of road was not even in existence so the freight had to be hauled on the beach.

Entrepreneur Bob Ribblesand saw an opportunity to cut freight costs for the industries whilst making bundles of cash for himself. He started up the Dart River Barge Company to transport freight up the Dart River.

The river mouth was just 3km downstream. By the river mouth he constructed a port to handle the goods for shipping. Unfortunately, the cost of building a fully fledged seaport was too much at this stage so Bob had to settle with docking barges by the small pontoon before being shipped off.

Barge image by Mark Groves. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic.


  1. Nice little update, and I like how you mixed the real life picture in....
    Happen to know a good source for copyright free pictures? I always have a hard time finding any...

  2. Wikipedia. Most stuff is under a creative comments licence.

  3. Hi,
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    This is a great entry. I like the mix of the small ferry pontoon and the quay. Great.

  4. n_wilson - Glad to have you back. I'm pleased you liked it.