Monday, March 8, 2010

Entry 6: Coastal Communities

Date: 1st January 1910 Population: 1920

Drawn back to their roots, the settlers of the Oak River region started to become more maritime in nature. This was brought about by the construction of a small jetty near the church. The site was chosen because sites further downstream at Oak River were too shallow to allow the ferries to come in.

There are three sites that sprung up at this time and are indicated on the map below with numbers 8, 9 and 10.



The village of Barnacle (number 10) is situated just across the water from St. Raphael. It's an incredibly small riverine community.


Oak Point

Oak Point is a farming community right by the mouth of the river. It was easier to construct a ferry to transport people than to navigate through the dense forest, even by following the coast.


Sarah's Cove

Sarah's Cove was founded by Sarah Smith. It started out as a small fishing village on the coast.

Soon, a more permanent landing point for the fishermen and women was constructed a little way down the coast by the mouth of the River Wiggle. 


  1. Really awesome.
    Oak Point reminds me so much of Portsmouth Island in the entry "A Community Cries Out for the Mainland" (the entry in which the need for that pontoon was spawned).
    You should see it now - the only high-density towers besides the CBD, and the ENTIRE island is BRISTLING with medium density towers... it really is becoming the second CBD of Boston v2. I very much look forward to the progress of this region and seeing how you do it.

  2. Thanks CSG. That wharf in Sarah's Cove is up for review next.

    The difference between Oak Point and Portsmouth Island is that Oak Point is on the mainland and not that far away. Once the trees start going down it'll only be a matter of time before a road goes in.

  3. You've got quite a selection of villages already, it will be fun to see them start growing and connecting. Will you be starting more settlements like these for a while to come, or will there already be some growth mixed in within the near future?

  4. There will still be villages seeded, but already we're seeing a growth towards synoecism. How and why they will join I can't tell yet.

  5. That will be the fun part, growing stuff one step at a time, without even knowing yourself how things will develop as a whole.

    It's exactly what is appealing to me in both synoecism, and natural growth. Letting both roleplay and game mechanics lead short term developments, leading up to one complex equasion for the whole region eventually. Like writing a book one sentence at the time while having no clue what the story will end up being about...

    I will be having the same aproach... keep seeding villages and other elements, while doing small growth on the existing ones (or have stagnation periods for one or the other reason for some). It should be good fun doing that, especially once we've got things going a bit :)

  6. When I read your journals (including shilka's and CSGdesign's) I always instantly want to start my own region. I already picked one - somewhere near Auckland.

    The theme design of my blog is nearly finished. Unfortunately I go on holydays for the coming two weeks. Ah, if I think it over again, it may not be so unfortunate. Anyway. CPU is bad in that times, beer and family is good. I hope I can manage to smuggle my iPod to follow your blogs. But thorough bag searching by my wife may prevent that. :-)

    Hope to see you all in 2 to 4 weeks. I will then launch the region portrait of Grunen.

    Btw: Any idea if there are german speaking SC4 players around?

  7. Have a great holiday Wilson, and make sure to let us know when your blog goes live!
    I'm from the Netherlands myself, and I can speak a bit of German if I have to :P
    There used to be a couple of german simcity sites, but as far as I know they have all quit...

  8. I can speak a little bit of German as well. I know there are a few German speakers on SC4devotion.

  9. Where do you come from, Gorbag?

    Ich freue mich schon darauf, Euch meine Region zu zeigen. :-)

  10. I'm English.

    Wenn Sie euere Region machen, freue ich mich es zu sehen.

    I hope that was intelligible, it's been a long time.

  11. Perfectly understandable. For sure better than my english...

    Btw.: You can use the informal "Du" with (or "towards" or "on" or "to" or "for" ???) me if you like. After all we are brothers in this SC4 thing.